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Jan 10, 2013 10:00pm EST
including the nra made their case to vice president joe biden today as the obama administration aims to curb gun violence. we'll tell you how today's meeting played out. >> also ahead tonight. >> reporter: this may look like a doctor's office, but it's actually one of the d.c.'s new medical marijuana dispensaries. i'm beth parker. i'll take you on a tour coming up. >> later on the news edge, the real star of argo, meet the maryland man who is not only responsible for the american success story but may wind up with an oscar, also.  >>> a news alert from colorado where a judge ruled this evening there is sufficient evidence to warrant a trial for suspected movie theater gunman james holmes. the preliminary hearing was held this week to determine whether the case should go to trial. holmes is accused of murdering 12 people, wounding 70 others in july. he's scheduled to be formerly charged tomorrow. his lawyers asked for the arraignment to be delayed. >>> a 16-year-old california student is in custody after he brought a shot gun and 20 rounds of ammunition to school this morning in t
Jan 30, 2013 10:00pm EST
since last month's shooting massacre in newtown, connecticut. the nra's chief executive wayne lapierre and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords were two that testified. giffords called on congress to act now. >> speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important. violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. >> the white house is pushing to reinstate a ban on assault weapons, limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and mandating a universal background check. the head of the nra says his group is against the legislation adding more school security and mental health resources will help curb gun violence. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley delivered his seventh state of the state address calling for a reenactment of the ban on assault weapons and also taking on traffic congestion and eliminating the state's death penalty. >> it costs three times as much as locking someone up for life without parole and it cannot be reversed if an innocent person is executed. >> there was mixed reaction to o'malley's address. democrats praised it as a blueprint to move th
Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm EST
hope the nra leadership speaks on behalf of their membership. if they do that, we will be on the same page. the vast members we found support some of the same measures we talked about today, background checks on gun sales. >> what other measures would you like to see enacted? >> i think there was some common ground found on background checks on gun sales, assault weapons and high capacity magazines. these are area that is don't stop people from owning guns but makes it more difficult for dangerous people to get their hands on a deadly lethal weapon and do great harm. >> a survivor of the virginia tech shooting and spokesman for the brady campaign thanks for coming in. >>> new details about the inauguration and stars set to perform plus a special american idol event right here in dc. reaction to the kick off of season 12, wait until you hear what will thomas has to say about the show coming up on the news edge at 11  >>> they're back. maryland general assembly kicked off their session. one of the big issues transportation funding. mike miller said he might consider rais
Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm EST
. in richmond, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the nra says one way to prevent another school shooting is to have armed guards posted at every school. d.c. mayor vincent gray says he's open to the idea but did stop short of saying he'd support armed teachers. phil mendelson is against both ideas and says the response to gun violence is not to have more guns. >>> an emotional gathering in colorado today at the aurora movie theater where alleged gunman james holmes opened fire reopened for business. some of the victims attended the opening while others boycotted the event. >> reporter: victims, their families and first responders returning to the theater where a gunman opened fire nearly six months ago killing 12 and injuring dozens. they're at the theater for a private ceremony called a night of remembrance to be followed by a movie screening after the company that owns it reportedly spent $1 million on renovations remodeling the interior. >> we've come here this evening resolute that this 1 act of violence will never define us as a community. >> reporter: colorado governor john hickenlooper is
Jan 26, 2013 10:00pm EST
. >> reporter: a smokes -- spokesman for the nra didn't have a immediate response. in the past, the group opposed further restrictions on gun sales. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> the season might be two months away, but nats fans have something to get excited about. a fifth president. lindsay member offy joins us with the -- murphy joins us with the announcement. >> reporter: the chats players, there it's funny, people came equally to see both, i think. and it was a really, really wonderful e haven't at the convention center. so many kids were there and so many adults excited to get up close and personal. >> there is so much example around the team now. >> there is. >> and the nats players deserve that. >> yeah they do. >> that were happy to see the fans and they deserve to have a faithful following. after all, they finished with the best record in baseball and won the nl east all-star desmond said they may not have had this turnout a couple of years ago. today, they did. 7,000 fans packed the washington convention center and trying to catch a glimpse or snap a picture of their favorite
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5